Monday, September 17, 2007

Horace Tapscott - The Dark Tree Vol.2 (1989) [EAC-FLAC]

1. Sandy And Niles (11:17)
2. Bavarian Mist (13:16)
3. The Dark Tree 2 (18:30)
4. A Dress For Renee (4:57)
5. Nyja's Theme (19:44)

Horace Tapscott - Piano
John Carter - Clarinet
Cecil McBee - Double Bass
Andrew Cyrille - Drums

Recorded live at Catalina Bar & Grill, Hollywood on December 14-17, 1989

Hat Art CD 6083

Pianist Horace Tapscott, a greatly under-recognized but very original pianist, is showcased even more on this set than on the first volume, for clarinetist John Carter is only on two of the five selections (four of which are Tapscott originals). With bassist Cecil McBee and drummer Andrew Cyrille propelling the all-star group, Tapscott's percussive yet generally melodic style is well-featured. But why doesn't some label record his regular working group? (Scott Yanow, AMG)

For us, it’s Tapscott’s masterpiece. A towering work full of emotional drama, sensitive musical interplay, and sophisticated compositions. It’s ripe for rediscovery. Check out the long-but-gripping title track for some of Carter’s most fiery playing and a stellar example of Tapscott’s ability to mix solid vamps and winding pianistic excursions.

Tapscott’s refusal to travel early in his career and his commitment to grassroots L.A. causes kept his talents a longtime regional secret. The 90s saw him shuffle towards the spotlight, releasing some stellar solo outings accompanied by a series of wonderful and seemingly never-ending archival releases called The Tapscott Sessions. Although he’s passed away, Tapscott will cast a long shadow over jazz in the years to come. (

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Anonymous said...

oh my this lives up to the hype. many thanks , i too experienced problems extracting vol. fantastic group , this is truly incredible.
many thanks

ghostrancedance said...

Thanks for posting this and the other Tapscott Dark Tree volume.

As of 5:35 p.m. PT on 2/17/08 DivShare's server is still down, although their maintenance blog states that it should have been back up 2/16... Part 3 of this file is currently unavailable (a tad bit frustrating as the first two parts are fine!)

Anonymous said...

I can't download part 1 for some reason. Divshare keeps resetting my download. Anyone else having this?

JazzDoIt said...

I can't download part 1 either. I have this message: Cannot connect to the rep database because: Lost connection to MySQL server during query. I din't have any problems with the two other parts. Could it be reuploaded please?

Chris said...

Yes please Re-up Part 1
File stats indicate no downloads yet other parts OK.

Anonymous said...

Agree that there appears to be a problem with part 1, as it keeps resetting and won't download.